Концепция вэб-страницы конгресса


Вэб-страница, посвященная международному конгрессу «Лазеры и фотоника», размещена по адресу http://lpc.ifmo.ru

Вэб-страница содержит следующие разделы и информационное наполнение:

  1. «HOME»

1.1 Приветственное слово Ректора университета ИТМО:

«Dear friends!

On behalf of the Advisory Committee of the International Congress “Lasers and Photonics” I am honored to invite you to St. Petersburg. Photonics is a fascinating interdisciplinary area of research which has already transformed the society in which we live and will be even more important for the future. The Congress will be hosted by ITMO University which is known for its academic and research activities based on the integration of photonic, digital and bio-technologies.

We are delighted that you would join us in the Congress and wish you fruitful and inspiring discussions. We hope also all of you can find new friends and enjoy the sights in St. Petersburg.


Advisory Committee Chair

Rector of ITMO University»


1.2 Приветственное слово председателя программного комитета Конгресса:

«Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Program committee, I am delighted to invite you to join us at the International Congress “Lasers and Photonics”.

The congress is designed to provide a forum for international researchers and engineers working in the area of laser physics and photonics. It unites three major conferences: “Laser Optics”, “Photonic Colloidal Nanostructures: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications”, “Days on Diffraction” and two topical symposia: “Fundamentals of Laser Assisted Micro– and Nanotechnologies” and “Advanced Photonic Materials”.

The technical program is among the biggest ever, and covers topics from mathematical problems of optical sciences to breakthrough laser technologies, new optical materials and industrial applications. Students are especially welcome to attend! Two well-balanced, high-quality summer schools: “Nanostructures for Photonics” and “Quantum and Nonlinear Photonics” will include intensive training courses with lectures and seminars given by top-level international scholars.

We look forward to seeing you in St Petersburg.


Program Committee Chair»


1.3 Ссылка на программу пленарного заседания Конгресса

1.4 Ссылки на мероприятия Конгресса

1.5 Адреса проведения мероприятий с картой

1.6 Контакты


2. «ABOUT»

2.1 Информация о Конгрессе:

«The International Congress "Lasers and Photonics" is a unique event, bringing together leading scientists in the area of laser physics and photonics from all around the world as well as researchers, engineers, and students, who wish to keep abreast of the latest trends in science and technology. The Congress will include various types of events, from symposia and international conferences to workshops and summer schools. Registration for one of the Congress events allows access as a listener in other events of the International Congress "Lasers & Photonics" 2016 without any extra fees. 

The list of Congress events is as follows: 

International Symposium “Fundamentals of Laser Assisted Micro– and Nanotechnologies” (FLAMN-16) 

1st International Symposium of “Advanced Photonic Materials” (APM’2016) 

17th International Conference “Laser Optics 2016” 

International Conference "Days on Diffraction" 

PCNSPA Conference 2016 - Photonic Colloidal Nanostructures: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications 

Workshop on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials 

International Summer School and Workshop “Nanostructures for Photonics” 

School for Young Scientists “Quantum and Nonlinear Photonics” 

The Congress will also feature a tradeshow of the latest products and developments in lasers and optoelectronics.»


2.2 Информация об Университете ИТМО:

«At ITMO University, we love science, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 1900 in St.Petersburg, Russia, it’s home to over 14,300 students and bears the status of “National Research University.” Our focus is on training elite professionals and tackling some of the world’s top scientific and educational
challenges in IT, Photonics, Robotics, Translational Medicine, Art & Science, Urban Studies and Science Communication.

The 43 international research centers generate advanced knowledge and bring top innovative ideas to the market through an established system of R&D support.

Our student team is the only six-time world champion of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Teams from around the world hone their programming skills at our ITMO World Champions Programming School.

In the heart of St. Petersburg, ITMO University is steps away from world-famous museums, theaters and cultural sights.

It’s More than a University!»


2.3 Информация о городе Санкт-Петербург

«St. Petersburg is the northern capital of Russia, the largest industrial center and an innovative hub. Thanks to over 100 universities that serve over 430,000 students, it is also traditionally considered the educational center of Russia.

There is no better place for the International Congress “Lasers and Photonics" 2016: In terms of culture and history, St.Petersburg is the most european city of Russia, its Pulkovo Airport (LED) offers good air connections and the city today is rich in scientific, educational and innovative potential.

Explore the treasures of the Hermitage and get a bird’s eye view of the city from the dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Experience the splendor of Imperial Russia at the golden fountains of Peterhof. Take a boat ride along the granite-clad canals and feel the air of the city that once inspired great Russian writers and scientists. Discover the once lost and regained treasure of the Amber Room in Pushkin Royal Palace. Enjoy the atmosphere of Saint Petersburg that Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Gogol and Tolstoy were enchanted with. Feel yourself a local, trotting the streets that Mikhail Lomonosov, Leonhard Euler, Dmitri Mendeleev, Lev Landau and Pyotr Kapitsa once walked. Treat yourself to the amazing performances at Mariinsky Theater.

We are confident that you will find something special and unique about Saint Petersburg. And it will always remain in your wonderful memories of the city of White Nights.»



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4.1 Расписание первого дня Конгресса



5.1 Список мест проведения конгресса с фотографиями зданий и адресами



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