Workshop “Intensive Laser Actions in Biology and Medicine”

in the frames of the International Symposium “FLAMN 16”
St. Petersburg, Russia,
June 27 – July 1, 2016

Program Committee

Organizing Committee

Belikov A.V. (Chair)
Shatilova K.V. (Chair)
Sobol E.N. (Co-Chair)
Semyashkina Y.V.


  • light- tissue interaction;
  • mechanisms of laser-tissue interaction; 
  • laser-induced surface reactions;
  • laser printing of living sells;
  • photo-dynamics therapy;
  • optical coherence tomography and its application;
  • laser action on cartilage tissues;
  • laser–induced biotissue regeneration;
  • selective laser photothermolisis and its applications;
  • surgical and other laser applications;
  • subablative laser processing of biotissues;
  • adaptive laser for tissue processing;
  • ultrafast lasers for bio-medical applications;
  • laser modifications of biotissues;
  • optical diagnostics;
  • structural (micro and nano structural) investigations.

Invited speakers

  • Kopayeva V.G., Kopayev S.Yu., Belikov. A.V. Combined Usage of Neodymium YAG 1.44 μm and Helium-neon Lasers in ophthalmological Surgery.
  • Altshuler G.B. Aesthetic dermatology: What is a new? 
  • Belikov A.V., Skrypnik A.V., Shatilova K.V., Kurnyshev V.Yu. Opto-thermal and opto-acoustical converters for laser surgery.
  • Sobol E., Baum O., Omelchenko A., Soshnikova Yu., Shechter A. Laser modification of cartilage structure and shape in otolaryngology and orthopedics.
  • Gelfond M.L., Levchenko E.V. , Barchuk AS,  Gafton G.I., Anisimov V.V., Baldueva I.A., Mamontov O.Y., Semiletova Y.V., Nekhaeva T.L., Myasnyankin M.U. Adjuvant and intraoperative photodynamic therapy in the surgical treatment of malignant tumors. 
  • Shugailov I.A. Peculiarities of pain management for lasers application in dentistry.
  • Buchvarov I., Chuchumishev D., Trifonov A., Aleksandrov V., Fiebig T., Richter C.-P. Mid-IR Tunable Laser System: An Alternative to the Free-Electron Laser for Medical and Material Science Applications on a Tabletop.
  • Razansky D., Five-dimensional optoacoustic tomography as a novel tool for high-performance functional and molecular imaging.
  • Larin K.V., Liu C.-H., Du Y., Lei L., Singh M., Li J., Hicks M.J., Mohan C. Assessing systemic sclerosis using optical coherence elastography. 
  • Meglinski I. Coherent effects of multiple scattering of light in biomedical applications.
  • Baum O., Yuzhakov A., Bolshunov A., Siplivy V., Khomchik O., Sobol E. New methods in ophthalmology.
  • R.Pini, P. Matteini, M.Banchelli, F. Ratto, F. Rossi,  F. Tatini, M. de Angelis, L. Cavigli, S. Centi. Development of laser-excited nano-gold and graphene for drug delivery and sensing
  • Tuchin V.V.  Tissue optical clearing as a novel modality to control laser-tissue interaction.
  • Milner T. System for image guided laser surgery.
  • Zabotnov S. Laser ablation and electrochemical etching as methods to form silicon nanoparticles for optical coherence tomography.

Important dates:

February 29, 2016
Abstracts submission due date
March 15, 2016
Notification of paper acceptance
April 1, 2016
Visa application deadline
May 31, 2016
Final program
June 27– July 1, 2016
Manuscript due date
June 27– July 1, 2016

Registration fees:

Regulars - 500 €, early registration - 450 € (till 30.04.2016);
Students - 150 €, early registration - 100 € (till 30.04.2016);
1 day fee - 300 €;
Accompanying person - 150 €.
CIS citizens*:
Regulars - 10000 RUR, early registration – 7000 RUR (till 30.04.2016);
Students - 3000 RUR, early registration - 1500 RUR (till 30.04.2016).

*Participation of CIS citizens is partly sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Abstract submission

All authors must submit abstract (200-500 words) of paper until deadline. 
The submission is possible by filling the on-line form on the FLAMN 16 conference web-site.

Paper submission

The selected papers of the Symposiun will be published in scientific journals:

- "Optical and Quantum Electronics" Journal 

- "Opticheskii Zhurnal"

"Journal of Instrument Engineering"