Conference for young scientists, engineers and students

in the frames of the International Symposium “FLAMN 16”
St. Petersburg, Russia,
June 27 – July 1, 2016

Program Committee

Vartanyan T.A., ITMO University, Russia (Chair)
Itina T., CNRS, France (Co-Chair)
Allas A.A., ITMO University, Russia
Belikov A.V., ITMO University, Russia
Chichkov B.N., LUH and Laser Zentrum, Germany
Gaponov S.V., IPM RAS, Russia
Garnov S.V., GPI RAS, Russia
Komolov V.L., ITMO University, Russia
Konov V.I., GPI RAS, Russia
Soileau M.J., CREOL, USA
Serebryakov I.A., GPI RAS, Russia
Turichin G.A., Polytechnic University, Russia
Veiko V.P., ITMO University, Russia
Yakovlev E.B., ITMO University, Russia

Organizing Committee

Ageev E.I., ITMO University, Russia
Belikov A.V., ITMO University, Russia
Gladskikh I.A., ITMO University, Russia
Gordienko V.M., MSU, Russia
Kudryashov S.I., LPI, Russia
Odintsova G.V., ITMO University, Russia
Parfenov V.A., SPb ETU, Russia
Serebryakov I.A., GPI RAS, Russia
Smirnov S.N., Laserteh Ltd, Russia
Vartanyan T.A., ITMO University, Russia


Section 1. Laser-Assisted Micro- and Nanotechnologies
  • physical fundamentals of laser–based microtechnologies, modelling and quantitative analysis;
  • precision laser microshaping: cutting, drilling, etc;
  • local laser modification of different materials composition and properties;
  • laser surface microstructuring;
  • laser-based methods of photonics components fabrication;
  • laser cleaning of the surface;
  • laser processing of thin films;
  • ultrashort laser pulses based micro- and nanotechnologies;
  • laser and optical devices and laser systems for microtechnologies.
Section 2. Laser-Matter Interaction
  • mechanisms of laser heating, structural and phase transitions in condensed matter;
  • nonlinear optical effects in matter under intensive laser irradiation;
  • physical mechanisms of laser damage of optical materials and elements;
  • laser-induced surface phenomena;
  • instabilities and self-organization processes under laser conditioning;
  • interaction of ultra short laser pulses with a matter;
  • electronic and optical properties of nanostructures;
  • laser-induced surface reactions;
  • laser interaction with biotissues.

Invited speakers

  • Zhigilei L., Large-scale atomistic modeling of short pulse laser induced structural modification of metal surfaces.
  • Vartanyan T.A. Physical vapor deposition of metal microstructures under the laser control.
  • Altshuler G. Aesthetic dermatology: What is a new?
  • Arakelyan  S. New physical principles and perspectives to create the hybrid elements of photonics and optoelectronics by laser-induced nanocluster structures with controlled topology.
  • Buchvarov I. Mid-IR Tunable Laser System: An Alternative to the Free-Electron Laser for Medical and Material Science Applications on a Tabletop.
  • Bulgakova N.M. Ultrashort laser ablation of dielectrics: Critical assessment of collisional ionization, ablation mechanisms, and ambient gas effects.
  • Vitrik O. Лазерная фабрикация и применение плазмонных наноструктур.
  • Shur V. Recent Achievements in Nanodomain Engineering in Single Crystals of Lithium Niobate and Lithium Tantalate Family.
  • Zabotnov S. Laser ablation and electrochemical etching as methods to form silicon nanoparticles for optical coherence tomography.
  • Sentis M. Laser Interaction (ns, ps and fs) with Silicon: from Fundamental Aspects to Applications.
  • Konov V., Laser nanoablation of carbon materials.
  • Semerok A., Sub-micrometric sampling by near field laser ablation, modelling and experiment.
  • Sobol E. Laser modification of cartilage structure and shape in otolaryngology and orthopedics.

Important dates:

February 29, 2016
Abstracts submission due date
March 15, 2016
Notification of paper acceptance
April 1, 2016
Visa application deadline
May 31, 2016
Final program
June 27– July 1, 2016
Manuscript due date
June 27– July 1, 2016

Registration fees:

Regulars - 500 €, early registration - 450 € (till 30.04.2016);
Students - 150 €, early registration - 100 € (till 30.04.2016);
1 day fee - 300 €;
Accompanying person - 150 €.
CIS citizens*:
Regulars - 10000 RUR, early registration – 7000 RUR (till 30.04.2016);
Students - 3000 RUR, early registration - 1500 RUR (till 30.04.2016).

*Participation of CIS citizens is partly sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Abstract submission

All authors must submit abstract (200-500 words) of paper until deadline. 
The submission is possible by filling the on-line form on the FLAMN 16 conference web-site.

Paper submission

The selected papers of the Symposiun will be published in scientific journals:

- "Optical and Quantum Electronics" Journal 

- "Opticheskii Zhurnal"

"Journal of Instrument Engineering"