Location & Airport Transportation

The main program of FLAMN-16 Symposium is traditionally being held in Pushkin (former Tsarskoye Selo). It is the famous place at a suburb of the Saint-Petersburg (25 km from city center). Pushkin has a marvelous ensembles of palaces and parks. It is particularly famous for its impressive baroque Catherine Palace with the Amber Room inside, which is considered to be one of the world's wonders.

Also you can see Saint Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia. Saint Petersburg was 312 years old in 2015 – a relatively young city, it has always been famous for its monumental beauty. The streets, embankments and squares are in themselves works of art, created by great masters. A wonderful panorama opens from the banks of the Neva river, which is magnificently flows through the city: the Peter-and-Paul Fortress and the Admiralty with their gleaming spires, Winter Palace, housing the world famous Hermitage, the Rostral Columns and fascinating bridges.



4, Radisheva str., Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg
Tel. (+7812) 449-54-38

How to get to the Kochubey Mansion:

from Saint-Petersburg:

by Underground to the station "Pushkinskaya", then local train (from Vitebsky Railway Station) to station "Detskoye Selo" (about 30 min), then rout taxi №№ 273, 370, 378, 380, 381, 382 to stop "Parkovaya";

by Underground to the station "Moskovskaya", then rout taxi №№ 287, 347a directly to Pushkin, stop "Parkovaya" (about 20 - 30 min).

from "Pulkovo" airport:

Bus № 39 to railway stop "Airport", then bus № 187 to Railway Square in Pushkin, then rout taxi №№ 273, 370, 378, 380, 381, 382 to stop "Parkovaya".


Please notice, that  FLAMN-16 Organizing Committee will provide the airport transfer to the Kochubey Mansion.