Oral Session • Fundamental Aspects of Nanostructures and Photonics

i-Wed1 Optical antennas; spontaneous emission faster than stimulated emission E. Yablonovitch

i-Wed2 Nucleation statistics in nanowires from single nano-objects to ensemble length distributions F. Gla

i-Wed3 Nanostructured semiconductors for thermoelectric applications: a theoretical perspective P. Kratzer

Oral Session • Growth of Nanostructures

i-Wed4 InP based nanoflags and core–shell nanowires D. Ritter

i-Wed5 Growth of high aspect ratio semiconductor (nano)structures: back to basics of crystallogenesis E. Gil

i-Wed6 Thermodynamics of VLS growth J. Johansson, M. Ghasemia

i-Wed7 Nanostructured silicon carbide on silicon: a new material for photonics and optoelectronics A. Osipov, S. Kukushkin

Oral Session • Widegap Nanostructures

i-Wed8 III-nitride based photonic crystals: recent achievements and prospects R. Butt´e

i-Wed9 Optical properties of III-nitride nanowires: early expectations, current knowledge B. Gayral

i-Wed10 Nitride nanowires for light emission: from single wire properties to flexible LEDs M. Tchernycheva, N. Guan, X. Dai, A. Messanvi, H. Zhang, F. Bayle, V. Neplokh, V. Piazza, F.H. Julien, L. Rigutti, A. Babichev, C. Bougerol, G. Jacopin, J. Eymery and C. Durand

i-Wed11 AlGaN nanoheterostructures for mid-UV photonics S. Ivanov 

Oral Session • Characterization of Nanostructures

i-Thu1 In situ microscopy for growing nanostructures and measuring structure/property relationships F. Ross

i-Thu Strategies for building nanostructures in nanowires F. Panciera

i-Thu3 Making defective shell in III–V core-shell nanowires: how and why? B. Grandidier

i-Thu4 Title to be announced later V. Zwiller

Oral Session • Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Devices

i-Thu5 Semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronics and energy applications C. Jagadish

i-Thu6 Photonic wires and trumpets: an attractive novel platform for quantum optoelectronic devices J.-M. G´erard

i-Thu7 Growth of III–V nanowires for infrared sensors R. LaPierre

i-Thu8 Gas sensors based on nanomaterials and VLSI technology Z. Tang, X. Chen

Oral Session • Nanomaterials for Terahertz Applications

i-Thu9 Metamaterials for THz detection Y. Todorov

i-Thu10 Nanostructured materials for terahertz systems A. Gallant

i-Thu11 Carbon-based nanostructures for THz applications M. Portnoi

i-Thu12 Title to be announced later P. Kuzel

Oral Session • Nanostructure Science and Technology I

i-Fri1 Nanoimprint lithography as enabler of large-scale fabrication of nanostructures for photonics I. Maximov, M. Graczyk, M. Heurlin, R.J. Jam, N. Nilsson, G. Otnes, M.T. Borgstr¨om

i-Fri2 Integration of GaAs nanowires in capacitive pressure sensing D. Zeze, A. Chandramohan, N. Sibirev, G. Cirlin, V. Dubrovskii, B. Mendis, M. Petty, A. Gallant

i-Fri3 HVPE of III-Nitride nanostructures and nanowires towards optoelectronic devices Y. Andre, E. Roche, Z. Dong, G. Avit, V. Dubrovskii, C. Bougerol, D. Castelluci, E. Gil, J. Leymarie, F. M´edard, G. Monier, F. R´everet, A. Trassoudaine

Oral Session • Semiconductor nanowires

i-Fri4 Advances in nanowire-based quantum dots for nanolasers and single photon emitters Y. Arakawa

i-Fri5 Strategies for narrowing the size distributions of III–V nanowires V.G. Dubrovskii

i-Fri6 Quantum dot inside nanowire: GaAs in AlGaAs case G. Cirlin, N. Akopian iv Oral Sessions 

Oral Session • Nanostructure Science and Technology II

i-Sat1 Optical characteristics of oxide nanowire X. Chen

i-Sat2 Independence of nanowire length distribution on the initial growth conditions N.V. Sibirev, Y. Berdnikov, V.G. Dubrovskii

i-Sat3 A compact photometer based on metal-waveguide-capillary: application to detecting glucose of nanomolar concentration H. Huang, M. Bai, J. Hao, J. Zhang, H.Wu, B. Qu

i-Sat4 Density functional theory calculations on layered materials S. Clark